Read The Full Police Statement From Chris Brown’s Accident Victim

Olga Gure-Kovalenko, who was allegedly caught in a unfortunate fender bender which led to hit-and-run charges against the troubled R&Bstar, gave her account to the Los Angeles Police in the days after the incident on May 21.

In her statement, obtained by Celebuzz, the clearly shaken woman gives a play-by-play of the run-in deets in the moments before and after the alleged accident with Brown and his on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, where she describes being struck by a “big black car” and the driver (Brown) as “scary looking covered with tattoos.”

Although Gure-Kovalenko goes on to note the 24-year-old superstar as “polite,” her tone takes a dramatic turn when she says Brown continued to get “nervous” and when she took a photo of the couple they went “ballistic,” with the “Run It!” going into a profanity-laced tirade.


And it was only days after the infamous couple drove away “fast and noisy” that a private investigator stopped by Gure-Kovalenko’s home with Brown’s insurance information.

The following is Gure-Kovalenko’s statement in its entirety:

“On 5/21/2013 around 12:30 PM I was driving on Barham Blvd. towards Burbank. I stopped on a red light on the intersection with Forest Loan [sic] in a left line (not the left-turn line). Being in a full stop for few seconds, I felt a boom. I got rear-ended. I looked in a rear view mirror and saw a big black car. I told it to my husband on a phone and he instructed me to be calm and just exchange the information. In a left mirror and saw a driver getting out of the car that hit me. He was scary looking covered with tattoos. I was shaken since it was my first ever car accident. I opened the window and the guy sad that he is sorry and we should pull over to not to disturb traffic. He was polite. He drove around me on a left and I followed him to the curb on a right just past the intersection. I parked behind him and got out of the car. At this moment he got out of his car and a girl came out of the passenger side. We took pictures of my car and I took a picture of his car from the rear. The girl said to exchange phone numbers, I gave mine but she did not give hers. I asked for DL [driver’s license] insurance and registration and she gave me a DL.

“I snapped a picture of it then I realized it was her DL. I asked for the driver’s DL, but the girl got nervous and said that this is her car, so all I need is her DL. Again I asked for the driver’s DL, insurance and registration. They got in a car and seem looking for something in different compartments. I did not hear their conversation. Then he let me make a picture of some paper, that later I saw was an expired registration for some Lamborghini, after what I asked for the driver’s paperwork again. The girl continued to repeat that this is her car and it doesn’t matter who was driving, so her DL is good enough. The guy seemed to getting nervous. I realized that something is wrong and snapped a picture of them just in case. And then they went ballistic: the girl started to scream, ‘She took a picture’, the guy tried to grab camera or me, I jumped back, the girl screamed ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her’. The guy screamed,

“‘You are a b***h! Who do you think you are, b***h? Do you think if you driving Mercedes so got money, b***h? Do you think I am just a black n*****? I got more money than you, beech!’ And so on. I was so shocked, that I was speechless. Just a moment ago he was a nice guy. After screaming some insulting nonsense for a while longer, he slammed a door and drove away fast and noisy.

“When I got home, I had such a headache and felt so dizzy, that I napped for several hours. I waked [sic] up feeling no better. On a phone my mom, a nurse, told me to take a blood pressure. I usually have 90/60. At this time I had 160/90. My husband was at work, I was alone, I was thinking of the accident and the insult over and over again. I have never been insulted so badly. I was on a phone with my mom for hours crying.

“When my husband came home, he comforted me and I fall [sic] asleep. Next day my blood pressure was my normal, 90/60, but I felt no better. I spend most of the day alone, thinking of what happened. At some pint [sic] my friend texted me ‘What happened?’ I asked how did she know, she said ‘This is on Internet, do you know who he is?’ I said ‘No’, then I looked it up and realized who he was. I was expecting that they would call with insurance info since I gave my number and they did not, I didn’t want to make any noise about that, I just wanted to get over it and fix my car.

“Couple of days past and I realized that no one will call and I went to the police. Another couple of days later [a] private detective came by with insurance info.

“My husband will take the car for the estimate tomorrow, since he is busy at work and I will forward the estimate right after.”

Celebuzz spoke with Gure-Kovalenko’s attorney Freddy Sayegh, who insists his client is not seeking financial gain.

“The damage wasn’t extensive. Everything was submitted to the insurance company. It wasn’t meant for publicity,” said Sayegh.

“It should have been simple. She is not trying to make a big dealout of this.”

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