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Facing DUI charges in Pasadena, Altadena, or anywhere in Los Angeles County can be a daunting experience, fraught with potential consequences that could significantly impact your life. At The Foxx Firm, our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers specializes in DUI defense, offering unparalleled legal representation to those accused of driving under the influence. With a deep understanding of both local and state DUI laws, our attorneys are committed to providing the robust defense you need to navigate the complexities of the criminal courts and DMV hearings.

Located in the heart of Pasadena, near the iconic Colorado Blvd and the Pasadena Courthouse, our law offices are strategically positioned to serve clients throughout Southern California. Whether you’re facing your first DUI charge, dealing with aggravating circumstances such as a hit and run or vehicular manslaughter, or confronting charges related to drug crimes, violent crimes, or white-collar crimes, The Foxx Firm has the expertise to advocate on your behalf.

Our defense strategies are tailored to each client’s unique situation, from challenging the accuracy of blood alcohol content tests and field sobriety tests to negotiating for reduced charges like wet reckless or advocating for alternative sentencing options such as ignition interlock devices. Our goal is not only to fight for your rights in court but also to minimize the impact of DUI charges on your future, including preserving your driver’s license and professional licenses.

The attorneys at The Foxx Firm, including renowned trial lawyers and former public defenders, bring a wealth of experience representing clients in jury trials and DMV hearings. Our comprehensive approach to DUI defense considers every angle, from the initial traffic stop by Pasadena police or other law enforcement agencies to the final resolution in the superior courts or through probation violation hearings.

Choosing The Foxx Firm means partnering with a team of passionate and knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys who understand the stakes. Our firm’s reputation in Pasadena, Altadena, and across Los Angeles County is built on a foundation of successful outcomes for our clients, from getting charges dismissed to securing favorable plea deals. Let us put our expertise to work for you, ensuring that you receive the skilled legal counsel and personalized attention your case deserves.

Types of DUI Offenses and How The Foxx Firm Can Help

Driving under the influence (DUI) laws in California are complex, encompassing various offenses that can significantly impact your life. At The Foxx Firm, we specialize in defending clients against a wide range of DUI charges. Below is an overview of different DUI offenses and how our experienced DUI defense team can assist you:

  • VC 23152(a) – DUI involving drugs and/or alcohol level above 0.05%: This section addresses driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above 0.05% but below the standard legal limit. Our attorneys can challenge the reliability of the BAC testing and argue the lack of impairment to defend against these charges.
  • VC 23152(b) – DUI involving blood/breath alcohol above 0.08%: This more commonly recognized offense occurs when a driver’s BAC is 0.08% or higher. The Foxx Firm employs strategies such as questioning the accuracy of breathalyzer tests and the legality of the traffic stop to contest these charges.
  • VC 23153(a) – DUI causing injury or death to another: Charges under this section are more severe, involving DUI incidents that result in injury or death. Our defense approach may include disputing causation, negotiating plea deals, or seeking alternative sentencing to mitigate consequences.
  • VC 23153(b) – DUI above 0.08% causing injury or death to another: Similar to VC 23153(a), but specifically for cases where the driver’s BAC was above 0.08%. We focus on comprehensive defense tactics, including challenging BAC levels and exploring all avenues for case dismissal or reduction.
  • VC 20001(a) – Hit & Run causing injury or death to another: Facing a hit and run charge in addition to DUI can complicate your case. Our team works to negotiate with prosecutors and minimize penalties, potentially addressing restitution to avoid harsher legal outcomes.
  • VC 20002(a) – Hit & Run causing property damage only: We assist clients in resolving property damage claims and defending against additional penalties, aiming for resolutions that prevent significant impact on your driving record and insurance rates.
  • VC 14601.2 – Driving on a suspended license: Driving with a suspended license due to a prior DUI can lead to further legal trouble. Our attorneys help navigate these situations, often focusing on license restoration options and defending against the underlying reasons for suspension.
  • VC 2800.1 – Evading Police: Charges of evading police require a strong defense to avoid serious penalties. We scrutinize the circumstances of the alleged evasion and law enforcement conduct to protect your rights.
  • DMV Suspension Hearings (APS, Negligent Operator, and Medical Suspension): Our expertise extends to representing clients in DMV hearings, crucial for challenging license suspensions and maintaining your driving privileges.
  • DUI Refusals: Refusing a BAC test can lead to enhanced penalties. The Foxx Firm explores defenses related to the refusal, including challenging the advisement of consequences and the legality of the stop.
  • DUI Checkpoints: Arrests at DUI checkpoints must adhere to strict legal standards. We examine checkpoint procedures for compliance, offering a potential avenue for challenging the arrest.


At The Foxx Firm, we understand the nuances of California’s DUI laws and bring a wealth of experience in defending against all types of DUI charges. Whether you’re facing a first-time offense, a DUI with aggravating factors, or charges related to license issues, our dedicated team is here to provide the aggressive defense and personalized attention you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your case and explore how we can help protect your future.

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Understanding DUI Offenses in Los Angeles County

Navigating the complexities of DUI offenses in Los Angeles County requires an understanding of the distinctions between first-time offenses, subsequent offenses, and situations that escalate to felony charges. Each category carries its own set of legal implications and potential penalties, emphasizing the need for skilled legal representation.

1st Offense DUI

  • Overview: A first-time DUI offense typically involves driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with no prior DUI convictions within a 10-year period.
  • Legal Implications: Classified as a misdemeanor, the charges can include probation, fines, mandatory DUI education programs, license suspension, and possibly jail time. The aim is to educate and penalize the offender without severely impacting their life if no aggravating factors are present.
  • How The Foxx Firm Can Help: Our attorneys focus on minimizing the impact of a first offense, potentially negotiating alternatives to jail time, and assisting with license reinstatement processes.

2nd Offense DUI

  • Overview: A second DUI offense occurs when an individual is convicted of a second DUI within 10 years of the first. The legal system treats repeat offenses more harshly to deter recurrent DUI behavior.
  • Legal Implications: Penalties escalate and may include longer jail sentences, extended DUI education programs, increased fines, and longer license suspension periods. There’s also a higher likelihood of mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) in the offender’s vehicle.
  • How The Foxx Firm Can Help: Our strategy includes challenging the prosecution’s evidence, negotiating for reduced penalties, and exploring plea deals that focus on rehabilitation over punishment, aiming to secure a favorable outcome while addressing the root causes of recurrent DUI behavior.

Felony DUI Offense

  • Overview: DUI offenses are elevated to felony status under certain conditions, such as causing injury or death while DUI, having three or more prior DUI offenses within a 10-year period, or having a prior felony DUI conviction.
  • Legal Implications: Felony DUI charges carry severe penalties, including state prison sentences, significant fines, long-term license revocation, and mandatory alcohol treatment programs. The consequences extend beyond legal penalties, affecting employment, housing, and personal relationships.
  • How The Foxx Firm Can Help: Facing a felony DUI charge requires an aggressive defense strategy. Our attorneys leverage their expertise to challenge the prosecution’s case, negotiate charge reductions when possible, and advocate for sentences that prioritize rehabilitation. In cases involving injuries, we also work to mitigate restitution and civil liability.


Regardless of whether you’re facing a 1st offense DUI, a 2nd offense, or charges that qualify for felony classification, the ramifications can be profound. Each offense category demands a tailored legal approach, informed by an in-depth understanding of DUI laws and the nuances of the Los Angeles County legal system. The Foxx Firm is dedicated to providing robust defense services for individuals charged with DUI offenses. Our team of experienced DUI defense lawyers is equipped to navigate the complexities of your case, from initial arrest to court proceedings and DMV hearings, ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a first-time DUI offense in LA County, penalties can include fines, a mandatory DUI education program, license suspension for up to 6 months, and possibly jail time, although jail may often be negotiated down to probation for those without aggravating factors.

Refusing a breathalyzer or blood test when lawfully requested by a police officer in Los Angeles County can result in automatic license suspension under California's implied consent laws. Additionally, refusal can lead to enhanced penalties if you are later convicted of a DUI.

A DUI conviction typically results in the suspension of your driver's license. The length of suspension varies depending on the offense number and specific circumstances. You may be eligible for a restricted license or may need to install an ignition interlock device (IID) to regain limited driving privileges.

A "wet reckless" is a plea bargain in DUI cases, officially known as reckless driving involving alcohol. It carries lighter penalties than a DUI conviction, such as shorter DUI school requirements and no mandatory license suspension. However, it still counts as a prior offense if you are convicted of DUI within 10 years.

Yes, DUI charges can be challenged on various grounds, including questioning the legality of the traffic stop, the accuracy of the BAC testing, and the handling of evidence. An experienced DUI defense attorney can assess your case for potential defenses that might lead to charges being reduced or dismissed.