The Foxx Firm, based in Altadena, CA, near Pasadena, is a distinguished criminal defense firm led by seasoned attorneys Freddy Sayegh and Justin Rodriguez. With a formidable background in both criminal and civil law, the firm specializes in defending against a wide range of charges—from misdemeanors to felonies—including DUI, drug offenses, and violent crimes. Leveraging their extensive courtroom experience and a proactive approach, The Foxx Firm is committed to safeguarding clients' rights, offering free consultations, and providing dedicated, aggressive legal representation.



At The Foxx Firm, our unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We, Freddy Sayegh and Justin Rodriguez, bring our passion, knowledge, and strategic expertise to bear on every case, ensuring your rights are vigorously defended and your voice is heard. Trust in our commitment to deliver results that matter to you.


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We offer skilled representation for clients facing misdemeanor charges, ensuring personalized defense strategies for less severe but impactful criminal offenses.


Our expertise in felony defense is unparalleled, providing aggressive legal advocacy for those accused of serious crimes with potentially life-altering consequences.


Specializing in DUI defense, we navigate the complexities of DUI charges, focusing on protecting your rights and seeking the best possible outcome.


From minor infractions to serious violations, our traffic law services aim to minimize penalties and safeguard your driving privileges.


We represent clients in civil litigation matters with a commitment to securing favorable resolutions in disputes across a broad range of legal issues.


Our firm offers comprehensive counsel for trademark and copyright protection, ensuring your intellectual property rights are vigorously defended.

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At The Foxx Firm, our reputation as top-rated attorneys in Altadena and Pasadena, CA, is built on a foundation of relentless advocacy, exceptional legal expertise, and a track record of successful outcomes. Freddy Sayegh and Justin Rodriguez are highly recognized in the legal community for their dedication, strategic approach, and the personalized attention they provide to each case. Our firm’s accolades, including ratings as Top Criminal Lawyer in California and numerous attorney of the year awards, reflect our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us. With The Foxx Firm, you have a team of distinguished legal professionals committed to achieving the best results for you.

Pasadena Top Rated Attorney In 2014,2017, 2021 and 2023

Freddy Sayegh was honored as a Pasadena Top Rated Attorney for numerous years, a testament to his exceptional legal skills and unwavering commitment to his clients’ success.

Avvo | Clients Choice For three years running

Justin Rodriguez was recognized as Avvo’s Clients’ Choice for three consecutive years in 2021, 2022, and 2023, highlighting his outstanding client satisfaction and excellence in legal representation.

The Foxx Firm Awarded 2013 Top Lawyers In California

In 2013, The Foxx Firm was distinguished by American Lawyer Media as the Top Criminal Lawyer in California, underscoring the firm’s unparalleled legal expertise and commitment to justice.

Best Lawyers in 2010 by EDM Media

In 2010, Freddy Sayegh was awarded the title of Best Lawyers by EDM Media, recognizing his exceptional legal talent and contributions to the field.

Featured In TMZ

Featured in TMZ and many similar outlets for defending high profiles clients such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Death Row Records, Junior Mafia, Wu-Tang Clan, Little Kim, Notorious BIG, Lil Cease, R. Kelly, Eddie Griffin, T.I., Bob Marley Family, Suge Knight, Sean Paul, Spragga Benz, Half Pint, Kevin Hart and others.