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Civil Litigation

The Foxx Firm handles a number of civil matters in addition to its criminal defense practice. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury claims, asset forfeiture defense, small claims preparation, and entertainment law.

Personal Injury

The goal of insurance companies is to settle claims for as little money as possible. They exist, like any for-profit business, to make money for their shareholders. Having a law firm to handle your personal injury claim allows you to focus on treatment and recovery.  The Foxx Firm will seek full compensation of your costs and expenses.  The Foxx Firm has represented hundreds of clients injured in automobile and other accidents.  We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf with insurance companies to get the best possible settlement for you.

You don’t pay anything up front.

Let us Handle your Claim. No Recovery, No Fee.

Asset Forfeiture Defense

When a law enforcement agency seizes money or property from a person suspected of engaging in criminal activities, that person is often discouraged from contesting the forfeiture. That is very often a mistake. The Foxx Firm attorneys have handled dozens of forfeiture cases, securing the return of thousands of dollars.

A seizing agency, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) or the US Postal Service, will commence administrative forfeiture proceedings. You will be sent a written notice of forfeiture telling you that you have 30 days to file a petition for remission and a claim contesting the forfeiture. Our attorneys will discuss the case with you and may be able to prepare and file a petition and claim on your behalf. The Foxx Firm will then handle all stages of the administrative and subsequent judicial forfeiture.

Small Claims Preparation

At The Foxx Firm, we can assist you in preparing and filing your small claims case. Although attorneys are generally not allowed in small claims court, we can aid you in conducting research for your case, filing and serving your claim, preparing your exhibits, and reviewing your potential damages.

Entertainment Law

The Foxx Firm provides legal consulting and services to music, film, and television clients on both business and creative matters. Clients include performing artists, music producers, major and independent record labels, visual artists, multimedia and computer companies, sports figures, artist managers, models, and other talent and businesses in the fashion and advertising industries. Services provided in our entertainment practice include copyright and trademark registration, protection and enforcement, name protection, drafting and negotiating licenses and contracts, music clearances for film and television, insurance issues, administration of music publishing, business entity formation, joint venture and finance agreements, and prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property and other proprietary rights.

Copyright Law – The copyright area of intellectual property law continues to emerge as a significant area of commerce. Increasingly, owners of creative properties risk misuse, misappropriation or infringement, particularly in the context of the digital revolution. Some creators lose the ability to earn compensation when their valuable works enter the public domain through failure to properly protect their works or recapture rights under copyright law. Attorneys at The Foxx Firm advise clients on the risks to software, music, art, and other content over the internet, and the benefits and protections of United States Copyright Law and international treaties. Our attorneys aggressively pursue those who make unauthorized use of our client’s proprietary rights, and to secure for the client the full benefits of the Copyright Act, including awards of attorney’s fees and statutory damages for infringement.

Trademark/Trade Secret – Creative artists as well as business entities must operate in a competitive commercial environment in which corporate identity and brand identity are highly valuable commodities. The Foxx Firm attorneys counsel clients on the selection, availability, use, registration, and continued maintenance of trademarks and service marks, as well as related issues of monitoring, licensing, infringement conflicts and negotiations, consent agreements, and customs recordation. Our attorneys handle trademark and service mark searches, analyses of search reports, the drafting of opinion letters, the filing and prosecution of applications, including intent-to-use applications, and negotiation of office actions with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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