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THE FOXX FIRM, PLC is known for placing a premium on creativity, experience, and common sense, thus providing our clients with legal representation of the very highest quality. The firm is distinguished by superior, individualized client service, provided in a manner which is both efficient and cost effective. Our firm is big enough to handle the largest and most complex matters, but small enough to maintain excellence at every level. Our dedication to client needs is reminiscent of an old-fashioned law firm and our knowledge of current and emerging technologies brings sophistication to complex negotiations and litigation matters.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Attorneys

Along with substantial legal backgrounds, THE FOXX FIRM attorneys have experience and training in specialized areas of business litigation and intellectual property issues. This unique combination of world skills and talents along with our depth of legal experience makes THE FOXX FIRM well positioned to provide the best in legal services.

Effective Strategists

THE FOXX FIRM takes a team approach when handling the litigation needs of our clients and provides both personalized service and efficient case management. We use our trial and litigation experience to formulate a game plan at the beginning of each case to ensure the most cost efficient and beneficial resolution for our clients. We have extensive experience in creating tailored solutions to solve complex issues. We provide our clients with realistic budgets and timelines for completion of activities at the inception of the litigation. By doing so both the client and firm have a shared goal and road map to achieve a successful result. Since communication is the key to relationships, we work with our clients closely and keep them informed throughout all stages of the case.

THE FOXX FIRM provides our clients with result-oriented strategies appropriate to each client’s objectives. Consideration of options may include business counseling for complex transactions, implementing risk prevention protocols, or pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods. Strategies are wisely explored and planned to anticipate results adapted to the facts and details in hand.

Cost Efficient Services

A broad range of legal services are provided that respond to a client’s specific needs with practical solutions, attentive to the client’s budget, with awareness of the big picture costs. The firm makes a priority of working with clients to develop the most efficient agreements and the best defenses to disputes in the most cost effective manner.

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