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Hempcon To Be Held in LA This Weekend

By foxx on May 13, 2015 in Medical Marijuana, Prop 47

Hempcon To Be Held in LA This Weekend

 by lucy

Hempcon, one of America’s biggest medical marijuana conventions, is being held this weekend in Los Angeles.  The event comes right on the heels of Los Angeles’ approval of Proposition D, which limits the number of medical marijuana collectives that can operate in the city to only 135.

While the city of Los Angeles disapproves of medical marijuana collectives, they seem to be welcoming to the convention.  Defense Attorney Freddy Sayegh, Hempcon’s keynote speaker, explained “[The city of Los Angeles] get parking.  All the hotels have been booked.  The city gets a tremendous amount of money” from hosting Hempcon.

The event will feature over 100 exhibits from medical marijuana collectives, marijuana-related product companies, and attorneys.

Activist Richard Eastman, known for opening Los Angeles’ first medical marijuana collective in the 1990s, will be presenting at the convention.  There will also be seminars about how to start your own delivery service, California’s place in the marijuana industry, and starting your own grow.

Aside from speakers, there will be musical performances from almost 20 acts, including AK1200 with Woes, Sam XL, and Redman.

The event is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Hall B.  Tickets are still available at the door for $20.  Visit for more information.  If you go, be sure to swing by the NUGGETRY Magazine booth.


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